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Insect and rodent screen comprising mesh cylinder, protected by perforated metal outer, with sleeve to slide over the end of a pipe and a worm drive clip to secure in place
End of Line Screen Clamp Fitting
Set of parts to provide insect screening for warning or overflow pipe, up to 23mm OD, comprising a tank connector, the screen holder and a dip pipe
Warning Pipe Kit
Insect screen in a moulded plastic body, supplied with moulded in BSP male threads and a lift-off inspection and cleaning cover
Inline Screen up to 2 inch
Insect and rodent screen fitted into a section of BS PVC pipe
Inline Screen 2½ inch and above
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with BSP sockets at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with BSP sockets
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with bolted flanges at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with flange
Cowl vent for small cisterns, comprising a holder for an insect screen, with a cowl over it to exclude dust and dirt, which pushes onto the end of a connector. The connector has an integral washer and cutting marks, to allow it to be reduced in length by 25mm or 50mm, and is supplied with two EPDM washers and a ¾ inch BSP nut
Cowl Vent ¾ inch BSP
Grey PVC vent with insect screen. 4 inch BSP threaded shaft, fitted with two PVC nuts, one with a conformable foam washer. Grey PVC cowl over screen.
Cowl Vent 4 inch BSP
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End of Line Screen for 159mm copper pipe

Part Number ES000-159C


Stainless steel insect and rodent screen comprising a perforated outer cylinder, lined with a fine mesh. One end is closed and the other has a smaller split cylinder, which can slide over the end of a pipe and be secured in place with the worm drive clip supplied.

This is one of a range of insect and rodent screens designed to clamp onto the end of an existing pipe. These screens are available for steel or plastic pipe in sizes from ½ inch to 8 inch bore and for copper pipe in sizes from 15mm to 159mm


Body: 300mm long x 317mm diameter

Sleeve: 150mm long x 162mm diameter

To fit pipe sizes

Copper: 159mm diameter


Take care not to over tighten the clip on thin walled copper or plastic pipe.


Screen and body: Stainless steel type 304

Worm drive clip: Stainless steel type 304

Insect Mesh: 57 micron aperture