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Insect and rodent screen comprising mesh cylinder, protected by perforated metal outer, with sleeve to slide over the end of a pipe and a worm drive clip to secure in place
End of Line Screen Clamp Fitting
Set of parts to provide insect screening for warning or overflow pipe, up to 23mm OD, comprising a tank connector, the screen holder and a dip pipe
Warning Pipe Kit
Insect screen in a moulded plastic body, supplied with moulded in BSP male threads and a lift-off inspection and cleaning cover
Inline Screen up to 2 inch
Insect and rodent screen fitted into a section of BS PVC pipe
Inline Screen 2½ inch and above
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with BSP sockets at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with BSP sockets
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with bolted flanges at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with flange
Cowl vent for small cisterns, comprising a holder for an insect screen, with a cowl over it to exclude dust and dirt, which pushes onto the end of a connector. The connector has an integral washer and cutting marks, to allow it to be reduced in length by 25mm or 50mm, and is supplied with two EPDM washers and a ¾ inch BSP nut
Cowl Vent ¾ inch BSP
Grey PVC vent with insect screen. 4 inch BSP threaded shaft, fitted with two PVC nuts, one with a conformable foam washer. Grey PVC cowl over screen.
Cowl Vent 4 inch BSP
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Terms & Conditions of Sale


In these conditions of sale, the following definitions shall apply:

The CE marking Directive means any CE Directive that may require a product to carry the CE Mark when sold within the European Union and any local legislation implementing that directive.

The company means Techron Equipment Ltd, trading as Norscreen Filters.

The customer means the person who is buying the goods from the Company.

The goods means all goods, materials or articles that are offered or supplied for sale.

The manufacturer for CE marking purposes has the meaning given to it in the CE marking Directive.

A consumer means any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his business.

The term written shall, unless otherwise specified, be construed as including documents sent by facsimile transmission.

A working day Where used in connection with a statutory requirement, a working day shall have the meaning as defined in the statute. Otherwise, it means a day on which the company, the customer or any third party used by the company to make deliveries may reasonably be expected to work. Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays are not working days. The period from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, or such longer period as may include Statutory Holidays that are set outside that period when one or more Statutory Holidays would otherwise fall on a weekend, does not include any working days.

Unless the context otherwise requires it, reference to any statute, order, regulation, directive or other similar instrument shall be construed as a reference to the statute, order, regulation, directive or instrument as amended or re-enacted by any subsequent statute, order, regulation, directive or instrument.

The headings to these conditions shall not affect their interpretation.

Any decision, act or thing that the company is required or authorised to take or do may be taken or done by any person authorised, either generally or specifically, by the company to take or do that decision, act or thing.

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Variation of Conditions

The goods shall be supplied in accordance with these conditions. Any conditions that the customer may seek to impose and which in any way add to, vary or contradict these conditions shall be excluded and not form part of the conditions unless each of such conditions has been specifically agreed to in writing by the company. The acceptance of an order shall not imply acceptance of any conditions that in any way add to, vary or contradict these conditions, notwithstanding any declaration to the contrary on the order.

No later variation shall be binding unless it has been agreed in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the company.

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Unless otherwise specified the goods supplied are new and comply with the latest British Standards or equivalent European Union Standards, where such standards exist. WRAS approval can be checked on the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme web site. The WRAS has agreed that screens that only come into contact with water running to waste do not require approval.

All goods falling under the control of the CE marking Directive will be supplied with CE marking where the company is the manufacturer for CE marking purposes or where the goods are being supplied to a consumer.

Products sold as spares, accessories or parts are sold only as spares, accessories or parts for goods supplied by the company. They cannot be guaranteed to operate correctly with goods of different manufacture.

Unless otherwise specified, all goods supplied by the company have been made by or for the company in England.

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Identification of Goods

The goods will be delivered with sufficient information for the customer to identify the product by name, size or type, fitting, or similar characteristics. The provisions of any written own branding agreement between a trade customer and the company shall take precedence over this condition.

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Where the product packaging would not, by itself, provide sufficient protection in transit, goods will be despatched in sealed protective outer case, carton or box.

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Cancellation or Amendment of Orders

This web site is intended for use only by trade customers and The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 will not apply unless the customer has made us specifically aware that the order is a business to consumer sale.

The customer must notify any cancellation or amendment to an order to the company as soon as is practical. If this notification is not written, it must be confirmed in writing within five working days.

The company reserves the right to make a charge, not exceeding the original order value, for any work carried out or products made prior to receipt of the notification of the cancellation or amendment of an order. No charge shall be made if the order is cancelled as a result of the company failing to meet a previously accepted delivery deadline.

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All goods will be accompanied by a delivery note. Unless otherwise specified on the order, this delivery note may be packed inside the protective transit container.

All goods will carry an identification label on the outside, which shows:

  • The name and address of the company
  • The name and address of the customer

An invoice will be sent out when the goods are despatched, either under separate cover or enclosed with the goods.

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Unless a specific carrier or delivery service is agreed with the customer, for example to meet a delivery deadline, the company shall determine the best method of delivery of the goods.

For goods held in stock, the company has a target of delivery within the UK of seven working days from receipt of the order. Nothing in this condition shall imply a contract to supply within the target period.

Any delivery date shown on an order shall not be construed as binding on the company unless the order is individually endorsed to the effect that time of delivery shall be of essence for that order and the company has agreed to the specified delivery date in writing. In the latter case, the company shall have discharged its obligation to meet the delivery date if it has despatched the goods by a third party under such conditions that it can reasonably be expected that the goods will reach the customer on or before the delivery date.

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Property and Risk

The risk in the goods shall pass to the customer when the goods have been delivered to the customer. Despatch of goods by Royal Mail, for which a Proof of Posting is obtained, shall be construed as delivery to the customer.

The goods shall remain the property of the company until the company has received payment in full for the goods or until the goods have been despatched to the customer, whichever is the later.

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Rejection of Goods

Rejection of goods by a business customer.

This site is for business to business sales and all purchasers are presumed to be business customers, unless they specifically advise us, at the time of ordering, that they are a consumer, within the meaning of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. In the absence of any such notification, the following conditions apply:

The company shall not be required to accept goods back from the customer where such goods have been correctly supplied against an order from the customer, the goods are received in undamaged condition and the goods meet the specifications provided by the company. If the customer wishes to return goods that have been ordered incorrectly, prior written agreement must be obtained from the company. The company shall be entitled to make a reasonable charge to cover the expenses of accepting the return of such goods. This charge will include the costs involved in re-inspecting goods before returning them to stock, re-packing where necessary, as well as any costs, direct or indirect, incurred in despatching the goods to the customer. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that returned goods are properly packed and protected against transit risks.

The customer may, without prejudice, refuse to accept delivery of any goods where the protective transit packaging is obviously damaged or contaminated. Such refusal should be notified to the company as soon as is practical and, in any case, within five working days. Refusal to accept delivery for this reason shall not constitute a failure by the company to meet an agreed delivery date.

The customer shall be responsible for inspecting the goods for damage, defect or shortfall against the order. This inspection must be carried out within a reasonable time after receipt. In the event of damage being discovered, the customer must retain the original packaging for inspection by the company or by its agents.

Any damage, defect or shortfall in the goods not evident at the time of delivery must be notified to the company within seven working days of receipt of the goods.

The customer must inform the company of the non-delivery of the goods, or their apparent non-delivery, within 30 calendar days of the date when the customer was notified that the goods were despatched or, if the invoice has been sent under separate cover, within 30 calendar days of the date of the invoice. The company is able to provide proof of delivery, or proof of posting for goods sent by Royal Mail, up to three months from the date of despatch. Records are not retained after that period.

Rejection of goods under The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000

If a customer has, at the time of ordering, advised us that they are a consumer, within the meaning of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 those regulations shall apply. The customer may reject the goods, without giving reason, by notifying the company in writing (including fax and e-mail) within seven working days of receipt. The customer must take reasonable care of the goods and must return them to the company at the customer's own cost. The cost and outgoing carriage charges on goods returned will be refunded in full.

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Force majeure

Neither the company, the customer, nor any third party acting for either shall be liable to any other party for any failure to perform its obligations where such performance is rendered impossible by circumstances beyond its control. Nothing in this condition shall limit the obligations of any party to use its best endeavours to fulfil its obligations.

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Price and Payment

Except where the company has entered into a formal price agreement or contract with a customer, any product price published by the company is for guidance only. Published prices shall not be binding on the company, which reserves the right to vary prices without notice.

Acceptance of any order that shows a different price to the current published price or current ruling price shall not imply acceptance of that price for the goods. Notwithstanding any general endorsement on the order to the contrary, the company shall not be required to notify the customer if the price shown on the order is wrong only by virtue of having been taken from an out of date price list.

For customers with a credit account, payment is due no later than the end of the month following the month in which the invoice was raised.

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The customer shall be liable for and shall indemnify the company against any liability, loss, costs, expenses, claims or proceedings whatsoever arising under any Statute or at common law in respect of:

Any loss of or damage to property (whether real or personal)

Any injury to persons, including injury resulting in death in consequence of or in any way arising out of any handling, modification, repackaging, storage, unloading or other actions by the customer, its employees or agents, which create or cause a defect in the goods or which may lead to or contribute to misuse of the goods by the consumer.

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All parties shall accept the jurisdiction of the English Courts and agree that any contract, whether explicit or implied, is to be governed and construed according to English law.

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